• Sumus Forssores

    Sumus. Forssores was founded 2016.06.25 as a mining corporation for the space game Eveonline.

    We are currently looking to enlist
    Omega Clone players that are mainly into mining but other careers are welcome, so no matter if your already into mining or just starting out and need a little help you are welcome.

    We have Omega Clone members that run mining fleets most days which can give up to a 10% boost to your mining yield, (unfortunately fleet boosts no longer work for Alpha Clones) anyway all Omega Clone members can join, non-corporation Omega Clones are also welcome. There's no obligation to join our corp, so if your in local with any of us and you want the boost feel free to ask for an invite.

    Fleet boosting only works in the same sector and while the booster is undocked from the station.

    Our tax rate is 0% but this could change in the future, you will be notified of the changes before they happen and you can make your own mind up whether to stay or go, however we can assure you it will never be 11% like the NPC corps.

    So if you're looking for a very quiet place to live, where you will be left to your own devises then you found it.

    What to do next: Firstly apply to join the corp in-game, then register an account here using your player name.

    Please wait up to 24 hrs for your application to be processed.

    If you are on an ALPHA CLONE account, please wait until you're done all the first agent missions and you decide you want to continue to play the game, also that you will be upgrading to OMEGA CLONE soon!.

    Fly safe o7

    Recruitment state: CLOSED TEMPORARILY

    Eve Riesgraf

    Not already a member of the game? click the link below to get started.

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